Hi! So mercerism's really awesome Tumblr Pokemon League has totally kicked off and so I had to do my part, naturally. This means music!

I cooked up 12 remixes/re-orchestrations/re-whatevers of songs from the first generation of Pokemon games, aka, Kanto!

Up top is the first track to it, and there’s plenty more!

To listen to the whole thing, or download it, head to this pretty little page right here.

If you be wanting, here’s the tracklist!

  • Opening (Yellow) / Pokémon Is A World of Adventure!
  • Wild Pokémon Encounter!
  • Trainer Battle! A Fight is Go!
  • T-that’s V-v-viridian Forest!?
  • Come At Me Bro! Gym Leader Showdown!
  • Team Rocket!? Alright, Now It’s Serious! (aka Trainer Battle v2)
  • Oh My Arceus This Bike Is AWESOME!
  • Pokémon Tower (Your Pokémon Died, Good Job)
  • Indigo Plateau - You’re In for the Fight of Your Life
  • Vs. Blue - Champion Bout!
  • The Resolve! I Will Be A Pokémon Master!

And here’s the album art!

And here’s me as a totally cool gym leader!

Will I make more of these? Probably!

I hope you enjoy :D

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